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Tutuapp Android is an amazing appstore that has a huge amount of free apps and games. This appstore is designed by chinese developers and is the best among all other appstores for providing hacked versions of most famous apps and games. Like Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans and many more. Probably the main reason behind its success was due to the hacked pokemon go tutuapp version. Pokemon Go is a reality oriented game. You have to walk in real life to play Pokemon Go. And that’s what most of the users didn’t want to do. So, tutuapp Android provided the real life walking walking hack patched in Pokemon Go. You get joystick on the screen to move or walk.

One of the best features of tutuapp for iOS is that it is totally free. You will get every app free of cost. And the hacked version of famous games that are available on tutu app store aren’t going to be available anywhere else. Because tutu app has the best hacked apps and games. Today I will show you how you can install Tutu App for Android without root on your Android device. You just need to follow below instructions.

TutuApp Android Download

Download tutuapp store on android does not require any special skills. Any one can do this just by following the steps below. Tutuapp is also known as Bunny Assistant. The problem which may bother you while using tutu app is its language. Tutuapp is in chinese language. But don’t worry, you can easily use this appstore due to its decent look and layout. It optimized for both tablets and phones.

Now proceeding toward the installation tutorial. The things you would need for installing Tutuapp iOS are and iPhone or iPad, an internet connection. After that can proceed and read the tutorial below to install tutuapp apk on android no root.

Install Tutuapp Apk on Android

These are the steps to download tutuapp apk manually on your phone.


  • Unlock your device and connect to an internet connection.


  • Open Browser. Type the URL: and search.
  • Tutuapp’s webstore will now load.


  • Once the webpage is loaded. There will be a Green button on the screen. Tap on it to download tutuapp apk file on your android device.

tutuapp apk download


  • Once download is completed. Head over to the Settings>>Security, scroll down and enable Unknown Sources option.
  • Now go back to the download folder where tutuapp is downloaded. Tap on it and install the app.


  • After you have installed Tutuapp Android. Go to your apps drawer. Launch Tutuapp.
  • Enjoy free apps and games.

How to Use Tutuapp

Using tutu appstore is pretty easy.

  • Launch Tutu App.
  • On the front homepage. There will be popular apps and games for free.
  • If you want any other app. Search that app from the top search option.
  • Download any app by tapping the green button right next to it.
  • That’s it.

Hope you guys have successfully installed tutuapp android without any problem. Drop your comments below to share your views problems.. Like us on FacebookTwitter

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