Download Tutu Helper Free for iOS

Do you want to install all the paid apps that you want so badly for free. Do you want an app store for your iOS device from where you can get free apps and games. You can download Tutu Helper free for iOS for download free apps and games on your iPhone or iPad. It is an appstore that has a huge amount of apps and games to be downloaded for free. You can get all cracked and hacked apps for free. And guess what, Tutu Helper itself is free to install across any iOS device.

Those days are far gone when you only jailbreaking was the solution to get cracked apps and games. You can dowmload Tutu Helper without jailbreak and get thousands of free apps for your phone. You may be familiar with tutuapp. Tutu helper is also a product of tutuapp, but it is in English. Tutuapp is a chinese appstore so language is also chinese. So to resolve this issue they developed tutu helper English version to make convenience for users all around the globe. You may also check out for android.

tutu helper

Tutu Helper iOS

The amazing features of tutuhelper makes it popular among its competitors. That is the reason why this app stays on my phone all the time. Whenever I need an app, just open tutuhelper apk and download it in seconds. Apart from all that, tutuapp comes with built-in memory cleaning and task killer features. You can easily optimize the ram and memory on your removing the junk files using tutuapp.

To download tutu helper iOS 11 and iOS 10 on your device. You need to follow the steps below. It is pretty easy to download and install, no expertise needed. Just follow the steps and you are good to go

TutuHelper Features

Some cool features of this appstore are listed below. Have a look at them.

  1. All the apps and games on tutu app store are free. Paid apps are also free.
  2. The app comes with built in feature to remove junk files and optimize the memory.
  3. All the apps and games on tutu app store are free. Paid apps are also available for free here.
  4. It is available for Android platform as well.
  5. It has built in cache optimizer.
  6. The user interface is very decent and easy to use.
  7. Optimized for both tablets and phones.

Download Tutu Helper IOS For Free Without Jailbreak

  • Unlock your iPhone and connect to internet.
  • Open Safari browser.
  • Type the url; and search.
  • Tutuapp helper website will now load.
  • On the top there will be two options. Vip and Regular.
  • Tap on the regular one.
  • Now you can see below the green button to download the Tutu Helper app.
  • Tap on the green download button.
  • Install it and accept the profile.
  • Tutu helper will now star installing. Wait till installation is completed.
  • Now go to Settings>>General>>Profiles. Trust the profile of this newly installed app Tutu helper.
  • Now go to apps gallery and launch tutu helper.
  • Enjoy.

This was all to install and download Tutu Helper free for iOS. If you have any questions ask in comments below. Share it plz.

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